For over 30 years, Heather has been providing quality sewing, tailoring, and custom clothing design services to thousands of clients, both men and women. Her clients come to her for both specialty occasions and every-day needs.


Customer Experience

Heather and her partners are critically acclaimed service providers for customization sewing. 

When you meet with Heather, she consults on best practices to achieve the feel, look, and fit you desire. Then, she creates. 

Throughout the process, a customer may meet with Heather once, or multiple times, to ensure the creation is perfect. Heather ensures that your custom sewing is completed on time and as desired. 

Heather took a suit that I thought would never fit right, and turned it into the best fitting suit in my closet.
— Mike Radke, Customer

Heather did great work on my bustle. I loved my dress and it was such a transformation from the 6 sizes too big dress we started with.
— Kortney R., Customer
Heather did such an amazing job! My dress fit perfectly! It was such a fun experience working with her - so flexible, knowledgeable, and helpful.
— Amber H., Customer