Courtney: Proms, a Wedding, and "Countless Items of Clothing"

To share my experience working with Heather is not to share the story of one dress, but rather to go back eight years and share the beautiful friendship that has been created through many stitches and fittings. My first experience with Heather occurred during my sophomore year of high school when she quite literally saved my prom dress. It was the evening before my prom when I picked up my dress from a different alteration specialist. Upon returning home and trying on my dress, it was immediately clear that something was wrong. My dress would not zip. Not only would it not zip, but there was a four-inch gap between the zipper. With less than 24 hours until my prom, I honestly thought I would not be going anymore for lack of a dress. My mother took it upon herself to call around and see if there was anyone who would attempt to fix my dress in such a short amount of time. Heather quickly agreed. Within fifteen minutes we were at her home and she was determined that I would wear my dress to prom the next day. As I was standing there, I clearly remember her saying, “You’re going to have to trust me. I can do this.” The next afternoon, less than 24 hours later, I was happily on my way to prom, in a perfectly fitting dress. Heather had done it!

Since then, I have entrusted Heather with countless items of clothing, three prom dress, three bridesmaid dress, three cocktail dresses, and my own wedding gown. Heather worked wonders on all of these dresses, particularly my wedding dress. She was able to take a beautiful ball gown that I had fallen in love with and turn it into the dress of my dreams. To use the expression “it fit like a glove” would be an understatement. The French bustle that she created showcased the delicate lace hem of the dress and her detailed instructions allowed my sisters to easily bustle my gown on the day of my wedding. Most meaningfully, Heather sewed two keepsakes into the lining of my dress: an heirloom cameo from my great aunt that was to be gifted to me on my wedding day and a lace cross from my mother. She worked tirelessly and with such great care for detail, to make my gown all that I had envisioned it to be and more.

In these past eight years Heather has also altered my sister’s wedding gown, a suit for my father, and clothing for almost every member of my family. I can honestly say that Heather has become more than just my “go to” alteration specialist; she is now a friend. Heather genuinely cares for all of her customers and takes a sincere interest in knowing them and their stories. Her work exceeds the highest of expectations, as she goes above and beyond in all that she does. I look forward to working with Heather for years to come! 

-- Courtney Brocker